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Construction Delivery Methods

When it comes to construction delivery methods, it’s easy to get confused, but it’s extremely important to understand them before selecting one for your project. Selecting the correct delivery method can have a direct impact on the level of success of your project. Numerous items will factor into your decision, including: size of the project, complexity of the project, project type and overall delivery schedule. While there are many different types of delivery methods, for our purposes, Latcon can help you to navigate which one is the best fit for your particular project.


(Design – Bid – Build)

This method can be best described as a situation when the Owner hires an architect to design the project in its entirety

Construction Manager

In this situation, the Owner hires a construction manager early on in the process to work with the architect and/or engineer to establish the project parameters in a team environment.


In this case, the Owner hires one entity to serve both as the construction manager and the design professional. The design-build entity delivers both the plans and specs.