Monthly MWBE Spotlight

Latcon Corp was created in 2013 by Reggie Garcia and his daughter Brandelynn Livengood. Latcon is a Minority Owned and Operated General Contractor with a commitment to their mission which is to provide customers with the highest-quality workmanship possible. We caught up with Reggie & Brandelynn to learn about their experience as an MWBE and working with the B-East and C-East project team.

1. Tell us about your company; how you got started and how long you’ve been in business?

The business was an idea that came about when a good friend had mentioned the need for MWBE construction companies and that the industry was going to be moving into this direction, so there possibly could be advantages for a Minority General Contractor. It wasn’t that Latcon would be any different than other MWBE company that was currently doing business, it was that the relationships that had been fostered over the years would be an asset for us. So starting the company made sense. Brandelynn was working as a domestic Violence advocate for the YMCA and was doing speaking engagements throughout the state and was raising 4 kids at the same time so asking her about teaming up with me was a difficult request. However, she felt that this could be a way for her to grow as a business woman as well as provide a future for the family. We actually got the business up and running in 2016 and have been moving forward ever since!

2. What are some major achievements you accomplished having a business in this industry?

Brandelynn worked very hard to get our certifications for the city and county of Denver which I feel was a huge achievement. However the real rewards have been working with AP Mountain States in their mentor protégé program. And getting to work with them on the $18,000,000 Swansea Elementary school renovation where Latcon was the major subcontractor. We were able to achieve 63% MWBE participation for the project! This past year we also started an Excavation division as well as a Low Voltage division which definitely has its own challenges!

We are also at the Concourse Expansion project which has been rewarding. Being a MWBE we are always concerned that we are truly working to provide diversity within our company. At this particular site we are proud of the fact that we are employing roughly 73 Minorities total; 28 Non-American workers, 37 Hispanic, and 13 African or African Americans. We have workers from Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Saipan, Cameroon, and Ethiopia.

3. Tell us about what Latcon Corp is doing on the Concourse Expansion Project?

We are currently doing several projects at B-East the HTHW Loop, C-East Monokote repair, B-East General labor and Carpentry, C-East General Labor and Carpentry, B-East Miscellaneous Steel Package, Site Wide Jet Fuel Flushing Labor, and Full Time Safety and QAQC Professionals. We are also doing several other projects on B & A West.

4. How has your experience been working with the Holder-FCI team?

Holder-FCI has been working with us in a Mentoring fashion. They have been very receptive in giving Latcon advice and guidance while maintaining strict contractual requirements. It is very important that both TEAMS work together to ensure the owner is provided with the highest quality and workmanship possible.

We both have some of the same family values which makes working with them easy. Our mission statement talks about Stewardship and Commitment. That is what this TEAM has done from the beginning of the process.

5. For someone who has been in the business for a long time, what advice or wisdom would you give other MWBE’s?

Stay positive! This industry is very difficult and to be a MWBE owned company is even harder! You need to ensure you are on top of all the insurance and bonding requirements that are needed. Having a good accountant and a banker that is willing to listen is also key. I feel that our faith in God is the reason we are where we are at in this phase of the companies growth. I always think about a story my pastor had told me about when he was a young child working on a farm and how his dad told him that in life we need to work to succeed just like planting a field and that plodding through the hard times would make us stronger! So he would always say when its tough PLOD ON, PLOD ON, PLOD ON! I found that the verse in Psalm 37:23-24 (NIV) tells you everything you need in business.